IPTV or Internet Protocol Television refers to the transmission of digital video and audio through data networks. This takes place popularly through the Internet. Premium IPTV facilities can be availed of through applying for a subscription from a service provider such as IPTV reseller. It can also be funded by government or other commercial agencies. IPTV broadcasters transmit multimedia data signals to end users.

IPTV broadcasters transmit multimedia data signals to distribution points From here the digital television signals are redirected to end users. This advanced technology has made Global Television Channels possible.

Global Television Channels function at several levels of technical excellence These are it functions on the recently developed Digital Broadcast TV. It is a form of superior technology. It has been accepted by companies all over the world. The Digital Broadcast TV helps to provide top-class reception facilities. The moving images are in a class of their own. The scenes which flash across the computer screen are crystal clear. The sound quality is in a class of its own.

The color is superb. The sheer brilliance of the Digital Broadcast TV has been encashed upon to make the Global Television Channels happening reality

What more the Video on Demand facility has helped in a major way to make the Global Television Channels one of the bes things to happen to the entertainment industry. The Video on Demand is a service that provides end users to interactively request and receive video services. These video services are either from previously stored media (entertainment movies or education videos) or at the same time have a live connection (news events in real time). Thus the role of the Applications and Services and their service providers cannot be more emphasized. To avail of the services of the Global Television Channels, you have to resort to the facilities of anybody who is into the business of making provisions of computer networks for customers.

The most interesting feature of the Global Television Channel is that you can even download your favorite films or scenes from movies of your choice. This can be down as the movie is playing.

Better still you can even download the film once it has finished playing.

However, the most remarkable feature of the Global Television Channel, is the provisions of interactivity it has brought in its wake. Thus viewers can interact with the people on the other side of the screen.

Thereby the Global Television Channels has several interactive features to offer. You can actually make films for this network and go on to load it. Global Television Channels offer an entire range of features. Global Television Channels is the television offered by the Internet. It is available through the protocols of the Internet. It has an entire range of feature to offer, right from job related information to news on the climate. It offers you news on current events. What more you also get to view all the latest films and even make a recording of them- without any prices attached to it. You can also view trailers. You can also choose your films. Several options are available via which you can choose films based on your choice.

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